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About Us

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At BOA Financial Group , we pride ourselves on being an experienced developer and integrator of ecosystem partners dedicated to the innovation and deployment of cutting-edge financial technologies (FinTech) as well as business processes.

Our expertise extends to crafting the infrastructure and systems for FinTech-oriented banking organizations. These include such critical functions as customer onboarding, customer relationship management, anti-money laundering and risk assessment, and advanced core banking and investment banking systems that are based on container architecture to ensure scalability and future-readiness. 

We Are Experienced Developer And Integrator Of Ecosystem Partners Dedicated To The Innovation And Deployment Of Cutting-Edge FinTech

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BOA Ecosystem

Bank of Asia

Central to the ecosystem is the Bank of Asia, a pioneering offshore bank licensed in the British Virgin Islands by the BVI Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC), providing global clients with a secure and dynamic platform for their banking needs, from traditional accounts to complex financial services.

BOA Investment Services 

BOA Investment Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Asia, and it is licensed by the BVI FSC to carry on investment business under Category 2: Arranging Deals in Investments. It offers services to BOA customers by integrating its expertise in legal, corporate services, offshore market, finance and investment.

BOA Digital

BOA Digital is a digital asset custodian company incubated by Bank of Asia and based in the British Virgin Islands. BOA Digital’s management team comes from leading financial institutions, including State Street, the largest custodian bank in the world, and UK FCA-regulated digital asset companies. BOA Digital targets to provide one-stop institutional-grade offshore digital assets custody accessible by global clientele in the digital asset friendly jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands.

BOA Alphaline

Tailored to the ASEAN region, BOA Alphaline is a specialized crypto fund based in Malaysia. It is strategically positioned to tap into the region's unique market potential, offering ASEAN clients targeted opportunities in the fast-evolving cryptocurrency investment landscape.


BOAX established one of the Asia’s first NFT Marketplace in early 2021 which is uniquely supported by an offshore digital-friendly banking ecosystem. BOAX Marketplace focuses on collaboration with Master Artists and influential celebrities with stories to transform their masterpieces into NFTs, and in the process breathing new life and perspective into the original pieces. High profile NFT sales at BOAX platform included the first Olympic themed NFT artwork "Olympic Happiness" sold to HRH Prince Narithipong Norodom of the Kingdom of Cambodia for US$16,000, to salute the triumph of unity and togetherness at the 2020 Olympic Games. In May 2022, BOAX hosted its Virtual Niche: BOAX NFT Exhibition at the Event Space of Central Market, Hong Kong which featured BOAX’s signature NFT series. BOAX was the recipient of the 2022 Metaverse Pioneer Award by Yazhou Zhoukan (亞洲週刊)。

BOA Diamond Circle

Exclusivity and personalized service are the cornerstones of BOA Diamond Circle. This elite circle is dedicated to high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals, offering them an array of lifestyle products that resonate with their unique lifestyles and preferences. With a comprehensive suite of services including education, real estate, immigration, wellness, and investment, BOA Diamond Circle caters to circle members seeking a tailored, holistic approach to alternative investments and lifestyle management.

BOA Regional Operations Headquarters (ROHQ)

The ROHQ licensed by the Government of the Philippines, houses a team of seasoned customer onboarding specialists and customer service professionals. This talented team, primarily composed of former personnel from the ROHQ of other preeminent banking institutions, serves as a testament to our dedication to excellence and industry best practices.  ROHQ is a pivotal part of the ecosystem, acting as the operational epicenter for client engagement across various regions. It ensures that the high service standards of BOA are consistently delivered, tailoring communication to meet the regional nuances and individual needs of BOA clients.

Soteria Capital

Complementing the ecosystem is Soteria Capital, an asset management company holding holds a wholly-owned subsidiary Soteria Asset Management Limited (AQR870) which is a licensed corporation with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong to conduct Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities in Hong Kong. Soteria Capital serves clients within the ecosystem by providing professional asset management services, leveraging a sophisticated understanding of both traditional and alternative investment vehicles.

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